Keith and I watching The Orange is the new Black (@ Leelee’s parents living room)

Keith and I are going to sleep now (@ Leelee’s and Keith own living room upstairs)

I’m so beautiful if I don’t got any top teeth at all

Me,myself, n I

    I’m watching American Greed

“Love this show”

        Check-in to
    American Greed on tvtag

I’m watching American Greed

“Love this show”

Check-in to American Greed on tvtag

Gabi’s Released from Prison part 2

At the park Arianna was throwing frisbee with her papa Sonny, while Will was taking the basket back to the car. He was shocked to see Gabi standing there thinking about going up to Will and seeing if was ok, go see her daughter. Will walked up to Gabi and gave her a hug, stating that he was glad that she home. She was shocked that all this time Will and Sonny was keeping the apartment for her when she got released. Cause they got a house to spread out more plus having a office.  

Sonny and Arianna stopped throwing frisbee, they was wondering if Will was coming back to get them so they could get home. Gabi asked Will if it was ok to see her daughter before going home to start probation. Of course Julie showed up stating that she wasn’t allowed to see Ari., but Will stopped Julie from stating that ever again. Gabi started crying cause she missed her daughter so much, and she needed to see her. Will took Gabi to the site where Sonny and Arianna was, when they arrived back where they just got done eating lunch. Arianna ran up to her mom, stating that she loves her so much and having pictures of her was perfect to keep a memory of her. Plus all the stories that Will and Sonny told her about her.  Gabi took her daughter in arms and promised that she will never leave her again. Will and Sonny took pictures of this moment cause they knew she was released. It was surpirse, for Arianna so can get her mom now.

Will and Sonny told Gabi that Arianna is a little model for a local store in Salem. Gabi was surprised by this cause it was her dream also, but she doesn’t know that EJ and Sami kept her contracte in the works for her to be a model again.

Gabi Released from Prison Part 1

Gabi was released from prison and on Probation she wasn’t allowed to have connect with any of Nick Fallon’s family including Julie. She only wanted to do is see her daughter Arianna, and her 2 dads. That wrote to her everyday about her daughter and how they missed her making them put the seat down in the bathroom. Plus her brother was coming to pick her up from prison. Nobody knew that Gabi was a changed woman cause prison was hard on her. But EJ and Sami had her set up with a Modeling Career where she could make money. Awhile the waiting of Gabi’s arrival  back to Salem. Will and Sonny had Arianna waiting in the park and she looked like her mom.  

Hocking Hills 5/18/2014 to 5/24/2014